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Unfortunately, efforts by the government are not proving adequate to save Bangladesh’s environment. In fact in many cases government’s activities are aggravating environmental deterioration. 

Various NGOs and some civil society organizations have been carrying out pro-environmental efforts for some time. However, in most cases these efforts were isolated and without much effect. 

Towards the end of 1990, there was realization that pro-environment forces of the country need to unite in order to play an effective role. Environment conscious non-resident Bangladeshis (NRB) also came forward under the umbrella of BEN to join pro-environment organizations in Bangladesh to organize an International Conference on Bangladesh Environment (ICBEN) in January 2000. A concrete outcome of this conference was the formation of  BAPA (acronym in Bangla for Bangladesh Environment movement)  as a united platform of pro-environment forces of Bangladesh with the following concrete goals:

  • To stop the process of further environmental degradation in Bangladesh.
  • To reverse, where possible, the damage that has already been done to the environment. 
  • To build up a nationwide, united, civic movement to achieve the aims of stopping and reversing environmental degradation in  Bangladesh.


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