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An Array of Environmental Problems threaten  Bangladesh

  • Contamination of drinking water; the level of arsenic is more than 500 percent of the WHO recommended safe mark for over 80 million people.
  • Desertification of large parts of the country due to construction of dams and barrages upstream in India.
  • Sea Level rise and the prospect of large-scale inundation
  • Air pollution in urban areas, periodical flooding,  pollution of rivers, the destruction of forests and wetlands



Our Mission

Unfortunately, efforts by the government are not proving adequate to save Bangladesh’s environment. In fact in many cases government’s activities are aggravating environmental deterioration Read more...

Our Vision

The environment of Bangladesh is deteriorating fast. Urban air quality is plummeting. Ground water is contaminated. Surface water bodies are getting polluted, encroached, and degraded. Solid, fluid, gaseous, and hazardous wastes are overflowing. Forests and open spaces are disappearing. Noise is increasing. Bio-diversity is vanishing. Health conditions are suffering due to pollution. Unless these processes of degradation are slowed down and reversed, the country’s economic, social, cultural, and human progress will be gradually hampered, and Bangladesh will become unlivable in the long-term. Read more...

Our Background

Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) has been set up to facilitate communication about Bangladesh's environmental problems. It is open to all Bangladeshis who are either residing in Bangladesh or living abroad. BEN is also open to non-Bangladeshis who are interested in Bangladesh's environmental problems.  Read more...
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BEN Conferences

  • Special Conference

    Environment Movement and Organization (EMO)

    Date: January 8, 2014 

    Read more...  

    International Conference on Environmental Aspects of Bangladesh (ICEAB)

    Date: October 13-14, 2012 



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